When it comes to female preparedness, men, have you ever wondered how the ladies of our prepping community view things? And ladies, have you ever wondered if other women preppers see prepping the same way as you do?

Well, if either one of those questions applies to you, then this is the episode to answer your questions and to help you have a better understanding of the opposite sex when it comes to prepping.

Now, it’s not me who is going to provide the answers to those questions. Nope, the person we have to give us answers from the female preppers perspective is the author of the soon to be released prepper fiction and spin-off of the 299-Days series, Shelby Gallagher. I’m so stoked to have Shelby join in on this. Shelby has had a super interesting life, learned some hard lessons and gained a great perspective along the way. And now, she’s taking all of those lessons, becoming an awesome prepper and an author who will keep us entertained while imparting some great prepper tips, mindset, and techniques.

Topics Covered in this Podcast

Now, with regard to female and male preppers, we’re going to cover things such as:

  • The differences between female and male preppers.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of men and women when it comes to preparedness.
  • Some of the assumption men and women have about when another.
  • Things women wish male preppers would do differently.
  • The most significant preparedness challenges for lady preppers.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you go to Shelby’s site and also pre-order your copy of A Great State. You won’t want to miss this great piece of prepper fiction.

Shelby Gallagher’s 5 Awesome Female Prepper Tips

  1. Teach women (especially single women) what they need to know to be better prepared.
  2. Teach young men to be men. Men are the warriors who should protect society.
  3. Be yourself and work to your strengths.
  4. Listen to preparedness podcasts to help increase your preparedness.
  5. Enjoy each other within the prepper community.


Never forget, you’re just one prep away.
Stay safe, secure and prepared.