I have cleaned up the grammar, obscured names and hidden identities. Why? Because Antifa thugs are violent thugs, as this story will tell.

From a brave citizen…

“Yesterday was one of my best moments as a human being. I helped diffuse what could have been a severe beating of a driver who drove through a group of protestors in downtown Portland on Saturday. I was with a friend. As we parked and got out of the car, the protest came around the corner upon us as the car drove through them. The car proceeded speeding down the street towards us. I told my friend to get on the sidewalk behind the car. For some reason, the driver stopped right next to me and got out of his car. WTF? I yelled at him to get back in the car and leave as the black-masked mob of angry people were running towards us. I saw what was about to happen…I saw the covered faces, batons and weapons coming out. I started yelling at the protestors “CHILL!” I stepped out to block them and again told the guy to leave. People were yelling at me to hold him but if I did, I knew they would have beat him. I yelled at the protestors to take down his plate information and yelled that he would pay. He drove off just as the crowd arrived. The link below is the only video I can find, but I know there is more. Lots of people had cameras. The best part was at the end, the driver came up to me and extended his hand. We looked at each other and hugged. He thanked me for keeping the peace and being calm. My friend and I stayed with the protest and heard a different side of things. Later you could see us on the news and hear my voice yelling for protestors to “CHILL!”

What if this man had a concealed weapon as he faced a mob? What would you do?

You just read what he did. God bless him.

Additionally, as you watch the news footage of the rioters in the street, are you scratching your head wondering if you missed something in your newsfeed? You might live in Portland and wonder this. As a resident of the Pacific NW, I was certainly perplexed why there was no coverage of any Portland riots.

This news piece with accompanied video, on Monday morning, was the only local news footage of the violent protests that happened over the weekend. The only reason we know anything happened was this piece and national media telling the story of violence, harassment and threats.

In Portland, the police force has been told to stand down at violent protests. The local media seems to have received the same memo unless they have some cool footage they want to put out there for click bait.

I Miss Portland. I Miss America.