The mysterious bag of Shelby’s…..

My conceal carry purse, and the items I carry in it to protect myself, became the huge topic of conversation at the Inland NW Preparedness Expo recently.

Ladies, you know the struggle. The things I carry are because I’ve bought and used a lot of things that don’t work for me. Just know, what I carry and how I carry it may not work for you. However, look at the vendors I give links to, they may have something you do like and matches your needs better.

For the record, none of these companies are giving me any perks for my endorsement. None. Not gonna lie, I’d love it if they did! Momma wants to fund her upcoming podcast! Contact me! I love your products already! Let me review something new in your lines! Let me record an ad for you on my podcast!

Back to my purse. Ladies, I wish you could have been in my shoes at the Expo. Men were coming up to me like crazy and asking great questions. I realize women are mysterious to men on most days, but how we carry is even more mysterious. Be encouraged, they want us to carry good items that protect us when they can’t be there to help.

First, the purse. It is from the Twelve Six Company. I do not like to use a carry purse as my main way of carrying, but when what I am wearing won’t permit it, I want a purse. I have used many purses. I have used those with a lock, from when I had small kids and I wanted the purse locked when I was in the house. I have had a purse with the side reach pocket and the Velcro holster. Never has been my favorite. I end up fiddling with the Velcro and holster so much to unholster it I might as well just hand my purse to the bad guy. All of them have worn out within a year or so of purchasing. A hole develops, zipper breaks, etc.

Additionally, I am even more high-maintenance in my demands because I like tote style bags where I can put it over my shoulder and leave two hands free. I hate purses where I must have one hand used to carry it. This is a tall order in a non-carrying purse let alone a conceal carry purse.

Here is my picky order; I want a purse with an interior holster in a tote style bag. I also don’t want it too looks like a country western singer threw up on it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love western style, just not in a purse. I need to be able to walk into a professional meeting and have a purse that looks sharp and classy.

Twelve Six has it. I met the ladies at Twelve Six at a gun show in Portland, and never looked back. They didn’t have what I wanted in terms of colors on hand. I ordered it from them and had it six weeks later. I recommend if you want to see some of their products, give them a call and see what shows they are attending. You’ll see a trend here…I get a lot of my goodies at gun shows. Gun stores don’t carry these unique products.

What did I order? I ordered (attendees at the Expo saw it up close) the “Come Hell or High Water Series Tote”. I have a dark brown exterior with a baby blue interior.

I gave my order to Twelve Six at a gun show. Ordered what leather color I wanted, and what my firearm was. They customized the interior holster for my firearm. Not a zippered side with Velcro. Here’s the thing, you can look in my purse and not see the firearm. It simply looks like a pocket or part of the interior. It is intended for cross draw. Nice! Exactly what I want. Keep in mind, I rarely have a firearm in the holster because I normally carry on my person. More on those products later.

My tote is also full grain, double leather. The bag itself is robust and heavy. I have had it for two years, and it looks new and takes a beating. The quality for the price is amazing. For the same price as others with Velcro holsters, I have an amazing tote purse.

I highly recommend—I cannot say it enough. If I ever wear this one out, I’ll be buying another. I also check their website often in case they have anything else cool.

Good things come in small sizes….

Second, compression holsters. Guys, lecture me all you want. I know you want me to carry on my belt. I wear a belt about once a year and the firearm certainly isn’t concealed. I get it. Discussion for another day.

I’ll provide the links as I go. Please click as you read so you can see them. Selfie stick doesn’t work well taking pics of compression holsters.

One more item before we start, my compression holsters are intended to put a firearm on me. There is no quick draw with these. Once I have unholstered, I can’t quickly re-holster. I recognize that if I unholster, I have made a serious decision that a threat is at hand. Men, it makes my decision making different than yours where you can have it in your hand stealthily where I may need to contort my body, lift clothing and reveal my firearm. That is why we train, always. I have no solution to this. I am aware.

Onward! Is Shelby armed right now? That was the question at the Expo. Yes! And no one saw it. To the Expo I wore the Can Can Concealment Corset Holster.

What I like about this corset holster? I can wear it with most of my wardrobe. In the summer, I can wear it under loose fitting tank tops. I can wear it under heavy clothes, and the firearm is right there.

Cons. The firearm is in the small of my back and the reach is an exaggerated reach and if I draw, there is no hiding what I’m doing.

Another con, there is no room for extra mags. I use the second holster you can see in the link for a knife. If I put a mag in that second holster, it falls through. That is a bummer.

I use this corset almost all the time I carry. I purchased mine at a gun show, of course. Can Can Concealment is a direct sales company, so it’s great to get in touch with a local rep who can meet you at a show or take your order over the phone. You can also simply order online.

Next compression holster I use the other half of the time I am not using my Can Can is the Dene Adams corset holster. I love this company. It’s the American success story where a woman had a concept for a holster, brought it to life, and now it’s a huge success. I bought one of the first corset holsters when she came out with them a few years ago. Today they carry leggings, vest corsets, and thigh holsters.

The color I have is no longer available but it is a white and pink color. Why is that important? That is what dictates what I wear. If I am wearing white, I wear the Dene Adams holster. If I wear a dark color I wear the Can Can. It’s that simple.

I like this holster because the draw is in the front and there are holsters on both sides of the body. I wear my firearm on my right side and extra mags on my left. Not able to do that with the Can Can.

Dear Dene Adams, Did you get my email? I am really wanting to write a review on your tank holsters. I really really want to write that review. Why? Because it’s so similar to the Can Can but with one significant difference I like; the holster is in the front of the body, in Dene Adams style, which is appealing to me! I want to review it! Please contact me! I’d also love to have you as a sponsor on our upcoming podcast. Please check your in-box. Let’s talk, okay?

I can carry 100% of the time with these three items; two corset holsters and a purse.

But what if I can’t carry? Does that mean I can’t defend myself? Heck no. Just means it will be non-lethal.

First, stun guns. I like stun guns for one reason. I can deploy it, make the zapping sound, and let anyone coming at me know what I have. It’s a show of force. The zap sound is enough to de-escalate a potential assault. I’ll tell you this, that sound is enough to make the cat jump and bounce off the ceiling.

There are a lot of stun guns out there. And I mean a lot. I bought the one I carry at a gun show, of course, because it fit my needs. I can easily carry it in my hand in the ready and easily charge it.

I carry a Cheetah Stun Gun Flashlight. It is a stun gun, flashlight and easily plugs in to charge. No charging cords!

Key feature. Carry it so the wrist strap is on your wrist. This is important. If someone grabs it from you, the cord will disengage with the stun gun, rendering the stun gun useless. The bad guy has the stun gun and can’t use it on you. This stun gun is incredibly inexpensive and yet so effective. Twenty bucks! Men, stocking stuffer for the lady or ladies you love dearly.

Map of what Shelby has in her Twelve Six

Pepper Spray. This is tricky. You do not want a pepper spray that when sprayed–sprays you. I don’t want mist, I want a stream and I want distance. When shopping, look for police grade 10+ feet distance of stream. Where did I get mine? A gun store. How do you ask what kind? Ask the distance question, then ask the clerk what the police officers who come in buy for their wives and daughters. There’s your answer.

Caution. When you carry it, yes be ready to deploy it. You can inadvertently be letting spray leak simply by holding your grip. It also degrades over time. Do a check on it occasionally. I have no great recommendation for this in terms of brands, there are so many out there. I use police grade, distance going pepper spray. I test it occasionally.

Look closely in my purse. You’ll see my stun gun, pepper spray and spot for the firearm.

The one item I use all the time in my purse and I classify it as a defensive item. My amazing flashlight. It is a Fenix UC 35 USB Rechargeable 960 Lumens flashlight. The website states it’s been updated. I don’t know what could have been done to upgrade it because it was perfect!

First, it’s crazy bright. Shine that in someone’s eyes and they are blinded. Period. That is why I wanted to include it as a defensive item.

Caution. It is blinding. When you need it, don’t blind your family and friends. The charge lasts for an incredibly long time and is easily charged overnight with a USB cord. I literally use mine every day. Last night, sports event with the kids. Standing in the dark parking lot by the bus to go home, kids are everywhere trying to get their gear together and having a hard time seeing. I pull out my Fenix, hold it over my head, warn them not to look at the light and literally light up the parking lot with it.

I need to give credit. I had been using the flashlight on the stun gun for the longest time until Glen Tate bought me the Fenix. Every person in our household has one. They are too handy to not have with you especially as the dark months descend on us for winter.

Someone, please let me know when Fenix takes that cool flashlight and puts a stun gun feature on it. I girl can wish.

That is what is in Shelby’s purse. Oh, and maybe a tube of lipstick.