I bought a new-to-me vehicle recently.

It’s a Jeep Wrangler. I have wanted one for the practical reasons it offers. I have a kid who will be driving soon, and my original vehicle is reserved for him once he ponies up some money. I also need a 4-wheel drive.

Those being my parameters, the Wrangler brings with it all the cool factors that Wranglers offer.

Now that being said, I like Jeeps. A lot. I’ve owned other models. They are truly American made cars with a cult following like no other. Plus, they are very reasonably priced.

The other models I’ve owned are the typical mom model. An SUV style that can carry lots of kids and all their gear. I love that car a lot.

I’m not gonna lie…I love my Wrangler.

Here is the cool thing I’ve just found out about Wrangler owners. There’s a silent community of them. How do you meet them? Drive. As you pass an on-coming Wrangler, the driver generally gives a wave. It’s not a huge wave, it’s generally a few fingers lifted off the steering wheel or a wave out a window. Quite subtle.

At first, it was a mystery, and let’s be honest…a little creepy if you don’t know what is going on. According to this website, I might have even been dissing people in my mom-sensible Jeep model. However, in my travels, it’s a Jeep Wrangler thing. No one waves to me in my mom-style Jeep.

This Wrangler wave is more than a thing, it’s like a community of respect. There is a level of respect for the vehicle and others who love the vehicle. Honestly, I love the vehicle and have come to realize what a responsibility I have as an owner. Disclaimer…..If you know me, this is nothing more than interesting.

However, I love Jeeps. I love American made cars. I love prepping. I’m ready at this moment for what life wants to throw at me, including a collapse. However, I continually update and improve on that.

One of those improvements was buying a Jeep. I wanted a tough vehicle that could go off road, a robust 4-wheel, carry passengers, pull a light trailer, and get me through some SHTF kind of stuff. I see no other comparable vehicle on the market for a single-mom prepper to do that.

Plus, it has a cool factor.

But beyond the cool clique status of a Jeep, another thought I had was this…in a collapse, communities of local people with very little in common will be the glue that pulls things together. Honestly, I think true Jeep owners—and those who respect the wave and the Jeep community—are a great example.

The ending of this fun video says it all, “Your vehicle wins wars, cruises beaches and helps Daisy Duke escape Boss Hog.”

Look for me out there, fellow preppers. I’m wavin’ at you. When SHTF, we got this.

PS Dear Jeep, Yes, I am looking for endorsements.