I have some unique experiences that allow me to see how current affairs point to a collapse in America. Allow me to explain.

I have been working in the world of government affairs, lobbying, public policy, and political campaigns for about a decade. I started out idealistic but learned quickly how the strange world of government and politics works. Hint: corruption and greed. It’s why the Collapse is coming.

Most of us are good people who assume our leaders are fair and decent people just like us. I’ve learned that governing is just a game to those who participate. If you want less government, the game is rigged against you. The game was designed for those who want bigger government.

In the beginning, it was fascinating to watch. I’d tag along with seasoned game players who were trying to push through a solid conservative idea. It’s a whole soup of publicity, getting powerful groups behind your idea (for example, how AARP was a huge proponent of Obamacare), having folks with personal stories testify on your behalf (small children are the best), and then putting some kind of squeeze on those who will have to vote on it in the legislature. Those legislators will also be pressured by groups on the other side. All of these legislator have taken campaign checks from one side or the other. Sometimes, huge checks. If you thought that bills were passed legislatively based upon “I’m Just A Bill” like in Schoolhouse Rock with the best idea winning, it isn’t. It’s about money and influence – and people like you and me have neither.

In that morass of pushing and pulling, there comes a point where you sit down and figure out what the possible outcomes are. I’ve had a lot of practice and experience looking at the range of outcomes and realistically calculating the odds of the right thing happening.

I’ve learned that these outcomes can change and will get fine-tuned the closer you get to the finish line. When you are trying to reduce the size of government, and the game is completely stacked against you, you often end up coming up with maybe two good outcomes out of ten. The game is so stacked against us that I’ve been thrilled when there was one not-too-terrible outcome out of ten. This formula is how I’m seeing the future of the Oregon…and ultimately, the United States. Let me give you a real-life example of the intersection of corruption and bad outcomes, and how it results in the average citizen getting a swift kick in the pocket book and a loss of their freedoms. This example is about the head of my state’s Republicans in the legislature. (I live in Oregon, but this happens everywhere to varying degrees.) Girls and boy, there once was a Senator. His name is Ted Ferrioli.

He talked a good game about being conservative. I remember talking to him in his office and seeing a copy of the book “Portland Confidential.” The book is a historical look at the seedy, back room, political deals in that liberal-run crazy place. He and I talked about how all the one-party (Democrat) rule had resulted in a terrible state government.  We can count on him, he assured me.

Or not.

Last year he cast the deciding vote to impose a tax on health care premiums. The higher your health care premiums are – like if you own a small business or are disabled – the more you pay. The less your health care premiums are – like if you’re given subsidized health care by the government – the less you pay. Senator Ferrioli crossed all kinds of party lines and made heads spin. Why would he do that? Everyone asked me. By now I had seen how the game was played. “He made a deal,” I answered everyone. The response would always be, “What deal? I see no deal!” they would say.

Let’s turn the page of the story book, girls and boys.

Within weeks after his vote, he was appointed by Oregon’s uber-liberal governor, to a fancy council where he is now making five times his current salary. He puts in a few hours a month going to meetings and makes a six-figure income with a fat pension.  Even a known liberal media outlet mentioned this deal didn’t pass the smell test.

Think about that for a moment. He was willing to impose a huge health care tax on all the citizens of Oregon, in a medical system that is at its breaking point, so that he could be appointed to a cushy job. “Portland Confidential” was his playbook.

This happens time and time again. Over and over again, so-called conservatives trade their votes for a deal that only serves them or a small population of those with influence. This is the game. The only way to succeed in the game is to make a deal or, in one small moment of time, be on the side of some super influential group and ride their coattails. Don’t expect to win. Let that sink in….don’t expect to win. What does this game have to do with writing a book and being a new author? I took several hard moments and realistically looked at the political landscape of Oregon. I see no good outcomes. I only see a version of a collapse – and that’s what my books are about. That has been a bitter pill to swallow. A state I used to love dearly, is on a fast trajectory to a collapse. I simply fictionalized it and wrote a book.

My experience allowed me to see – and write in my books – many aspects of the Trump win and subsequent reaction in places like Portland.

As I watched the Trump presidency develop, coupled with the rising lawless rioting in Oregon, and our governor poised to not only ignore the new presidency…but to dig in her heels and defy him…I pulled out my game pieces and predicted outcomes.

I also added a little of my own personal story. There were some personal details that were also happening at the time that caused my red flags to go up. Where am I going to bug out to when this goes sideways? How can I get to my kids quickly if I need to? As you read A Great State, you will see much of my consternation and worry in Julie that I felt at the time. What if rioters, who know who I am because of my politics, come to my door? When I’m not home?

If you don’t live in a hard left, progressive state, these thoughts may seem like needless paranoia to you. I am not the only one who has these fears. More than once, good friends and acquaintances would ask me in a whispered tone, “Hey, you strapped? You okay to defend yourself?” or “I worry about your safety.” No kidding, so do I.

And the phrase “I Miss America” becomes very real in those moments.

Writing the “A Great State” book series was an outlet for me.

More importantly, I applied my skill. I took all the factors I saw laid before me regarding the new president, the condition Oregon  is in financially, and I made my predictions based on all the possible outcomes.

None of them are good. Oregon – and many of the states that are just like it – is headed toward some kind of collapse. For sure financial.

As the “Not my President” and “Women’s Marches” continue to turn violent. As those who perpetuate the violence are allowed to become lawless thugs with no consequences, there is a high likelihood Oregon could face a political collapse.

I saw an outcome that no one else seemed to want to consider at the time. With the new President’s key platform issue being “Make America Great” by securing America’s borders, and Oregon taking key and somewhat under the radar, efforts to undermine those same federal policies, I could also see a nice pissing match developing between the new President and Oregon’s liberal governor and legislature. At the worst, defiance and secession. As I wrote my books, these were the worst-case scenarios.

And they are coming true.

I hope you enjoy the fictionalized version of some of my predictions lived out in the life of Julie Atwood.

My encouragement to you, please keep reading as Book Two and Book Three are published.

Be prepared. You are the only one, in the words of Julie, who will defend you, fight for you, and provide for you.

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