2017. Whew. Thanksgiving is a season that paves the way for what little is left of the year. As I reflect on what I am thankful for, it prepares me to say goodbye to this year.

One word captures what I’m thankful for.


All my life, I have known what sacrifice is. We hear of it in the headlines from the front lines. Our servicemen and women sacrificing their lives for their comrade. It’s heroic and inspiring. We hear of the stranger who jumps in front of a gunman and takes a bullet during a robbery. I admit in this strange and backwards litigious culture we live in, I wouldn’t be so quick to do the same for a stranger.

This year, the reverse thought process has been a hard lesson learned; those closest to me, sworn to sacrifice for me…don’t, won’t and haven’t. Sobering lesson considering my age. The realization of the depth of failure is overwhelming at times.

I have lived by the words, “No one takes better care of me than me.” The depth of my own wisdom has come home to roost and it’s been a sobering lesson.

It’s also been liberating. No one takes better care of me than me, and you can be darn sure I don’t do things halfway.

Moving forward, I know what sacrifice I am capable of. My kids: I tell them as often as I can, I’d fall on a sword for you. I will be by your side when no one else is. Don’t treat that promise lightly.

I’m thankful for our military who sacrifice for those who choose to dishonor their service. I am thankful for our country’s leadership who is assaulted daily in the media, and stays the course. I am thankful for my dad — you’ll meet him soon — who would do anything for me if I asked.

I’m thankful for those I’ve met along this journey of being an author that have lived full lives of calculated, methodical and strategic sacrifice—and I am in awe. You inspire me.

I’m thankful for those join me in making sure we leave a great country for our kids. They are worth the sacrifice.

Thank you. And thank God, for giving us the great gifts He has given us in His Son, Jesus Christ; the purest example of sacrifice:

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” ~~Nathan Hale, Continental soldier/spy, as he was hanged by the British at age 19.